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SchlumbergerSema Transport

SchlumbergerSema delivers innovative business and technology solutions to the international transport & travel market. Backed by 35 years of solid experience in this key sector, SchlumbergerSema continues to provide high-value solutions to clients. Solutions provided by SchlumbergerSema deliver market-leading technological performance to transportation groups and users as well as substantive business benefits, which when combined together exceed any other available offering in the market today. These benefits include:

  • Safe, reliable end to end solutions delivery with proven benefits in cost reduction, increased ridership and improved Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • A willingness to share commercial risk (the 2001 UK Computing Suppliers Survey of summer 2001 revealed that SchlumbergerSema customers believed the company to be THE market leader in commercial risk sharing initiatives)
  • Complete integrity in the management of customers' data, market intelligence and commercially sensitive material
  • Partnerships that ensure SchlumbergerSema shares an understanding of the business issues
  • Large installed base - unrivalled experience within the transport and travel sector
  • Multilingual, multi-cultural implementation teams with a global presence - local people for local markets