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As a world-leading provider of essential solutions for the telecommunications industry, SchlumbergerSema offers focused consulting, systems integration, and managed services and state-of-the-art technology to help you solve your most critical IT and business challenges. Our specialized expertise and proven, end-to-end business transformation solutions help some of the world's most prominent fixed, mobile, Internet, 3G and convergent service providers compete more effectively and profitably.

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Business Support Systems
SchlumbergerSema serves operators and service providers with convergent business support solutions such as integrated customer care and billing, electronic bill presentment, personalized customer self-care, data collection and distribution, and next-generation service provisioning.  >> more
Customer Relationship Management
SchlumbergerSema can help you optimize customer relationships and profitability by offering knowledge of business issues, smart solutions, an integrated approach, and the services and expertise of a large, international team of CRM specialists. >> more

Messaging and Enhanced Services
Proven, world-leading messaging and enhanced services and solutions from SchlumbergerSema include short message service, multimedia messaging, unified communications, mobile email, instant messaging, and more. >> more

Pre-paid Solutions
SchlumbergerSema delivers advanced pre-paid solutions to address every carrier's need in both GSM and IS-41 markets, with customized offerings of components, products, or end-to-end solutions that seamlessly integrate into legacy systems and enable service in pre-paid and converged pre-paid/postpaid environments. >> more
SIM Cards and Wireless Services
SchlumbergerSema defines, designs, and operates advanced smart card solutions for wireless communications. These include SIM cards for 2G and 3G mobile communications, innovative applications, proven software and hardware platforms, and content delivery.  >> more

Mobile Commerce
SchlumbergerSema advanced mobile e-commerce solutions monitor and register customer activities, supplying a flexible interface between service providers and their customers. We offer multimedia portal and service solutions, personalized self-care, financial services, and electronic bill presentment. >> more
Public Telephony
As the public telecommunications market continues to evolve, SchlumbergerSema supports its growth with solutions ranging from payphones and smart cards to network management systems and security tools.  >> more
Systems Integration
SchlumbergerSema leverages considerable technical expertise to implement complex business systems that reduce time and risk for mission-critical projects. This includes developing initial specifications, defining system architectures and designs, testing, and final deployment. >> more
One thousand SchlumbergerSema consultants worldwide work closely with customers to improve efficiency and profitability, providing consulting services such as strategic IS planning, business transformation, change management, technology consulting, and program management. >> more
DeXa Suite of Services
The DeXa Suite of Services provides the foundation of IT infrastructure for the value-adding capabilities of SchlumbergerSema to the Telecom industry. Each DeXa solution supplies a critical element of the foundation on which a company can achieve successful iTransformation and build sustainable competitive advantage. >> more