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Iteor diskIteor, the new methodology standard for your IT development strategy

In a global marketplace where technological innovations have a profound impact on corporate strategy and organisation, the methodological framework of Iteor from SchlumbergerSema is a comprehensive, flexible response to incorporating new challenges and business change into core information systems.

Iteor is a delivery tool that supports the entire life cycle of your organisation's information systems projects such as urbanisation, enabling them to evolve over time to meet changing businsess demands. An integrated and flexible family of methodological modules - structured around a common architecture - Iteor is based on common data modelling standards.

Change control through "Urbanisation" - aligning systems to strategy
Urbanisation is the process of modelling major systems on a city, with all its different buildings and infrastructure elements. This supports the aim of overall integration, and ensures that existing and new elements work together.

Creating a new operational strategy involves reworking not only your organisational structure, but also making significant modifications to your information systems.
Using Iteor as a global support tool enables you to manage the entire implementation programme, as well as piloting of individual sub-projects, at various levels of intervention, to meet your new strategic objectives.

Iteor's integrated modules enable you to build a comprehensive methodological solution, totally adapted to your specific needs: guaranteeing the effectiveness of your operational systems.

Iteor suits all business systems projects:
Iteor is the ideal tool to support overall information systems 'urbanisation' programmes, as well as individual data-processing system developments or software package installations. In addition, Iteor is designed to support systems enhancement projects as well as the re-engineering of business processes.

Complete coverage:

With its in-built definition of roles and responsibilities for those involved, Iteor offers a comprehensive foundation for managing information systems, including:
· capturing organisational strategy and ensuring consistency
· mapping business processes and their alignment to the organisation
· linking strategy, organisation and processes, and prioritising their re-engineering
· process re-engineering
· implementing and aligning the relevant information system(s)
· overall management of all aspects of evolution, including business areas, organisation, processes, information system(s) and third parties.


Iteor Version 2.1 is available now and is currently available in French.



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