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SchlumbergerSema for reliable and innovative systems integration

Systems integration is the process of integrating software, hardware, telecommunications and human systems to deliver practical, robust solutions. It's a complex discipline, demanding significant experience and resources.

Systems Integration - SchlumbergerSema is responsible for business systems critical to the running of many of the world's leading commercial and public sector organizations, as well as large-scale technical systems designed to operate to the highest levels of reliability in demanding conditions.

Web Integration - Success in business today requires taking applications to the web, which brings a unique set of challenges along with a sometimes confusing array of technology and design alternatives. Through its practices in secure systems integration, consulting and an in-depth understanding of current e-market practices, SchlumbergerSema is a proven enabler for business e-transformation.

Major Events - The immediacy of sporting events requires a mastery of information technology and its capabilities to integrate multiple sources of immediate information, providing rapid results and communication to a broad audience. Over the past ten years, SchlumbergerSema has supplied information systems and services to some of the world's greatest sporting events, helping organizers to enhance their success.

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning systems touch every part of an organization's business - integrating business activities across functions, units and geographical boundaries. In a constantly changing business environment it is essential for systems to keep pace with evolving business needs.

Strategy Methodology (Iteor) - In a global marketplace where technological innovations have a profound impact on corporate strategy and organization, the methodological framework of Iteor from SchlumbergerSema is a comprehensive, flexible response to incorporating new challenges and business change into core information systems.



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