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White Papers

Smart entitlement card security

The recent report on Identity Fraud by the Cabinet Office emphasises the limitation of single-source means for authenticating individuals’ identities. An entitlement card in itself will never be a sufficient means of conclusively proving an identity. However, it has the potential to deliver much higher levels of authentication for an identity than are afforded by existing high-trust documents, such as a UK Passport, especially if it holds securely one or more biometric signatures for an individual. Verification of identity using a PIN or password, or using biometric signatures, would considerably reduce the opportunities for identity fraud in many circumstances. A biometrically enabled entitlement card could provide a highly effective additional measure against identity fraud. >> more

Social issues

Privacy of information, data protection security for individuals, respect for human rights; the introduction of an entitlement card raises a number of ethical issues. >> more

E-identity and entitlement - the technology solution

With the rapid take up of on-line services across all business sectors, the need for secure forms of digital identity to accompany valuable exchanges of data has dramatically increased.
e-Transactions bring a new element to the proof of identity, as the face-to-face element of many transactions is removed and the matching of other identity elements will be relied upon. >> more


Application Evolution - our view of the short term future. >> more

Use of identity across the lifetime of the individual

Use of identity across the lifetime of the individual. Life events, medical records, travel, driving, tax and benefits, education, private finance, voting and democracy. >> more

What's in your wallet

Chances are, if you open your purse or wallet, you’ll find, somewhere in there, several forms of identification cards. >> more