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News and Events

Feature article: A card-carrying member of the 'UK Society'?

November 2002. Geoff Llewellyn and Bob Conway of the SchlumbergerSema Public Sector Entitlement Card Team, discuss the practicalities of implementing a national system of personal smart card identification. >> more

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Event: Entitlement cards and identity fraud and transformation

SchlumbergerSema is contributing to the debate on entitlement cards and identity fraud.

On the 30th January 2003 we held an event in Westminster, London, UK designed to demonstrate the transforming potential of technologies and systems that can address the issues raised by the current Home Office consultation.



London, January 30, 2003
NOP research reveals an almost four to one majority in favour of entitlement cards. >> more

London, January 30, 2003 SchlumbergerSema Responds to Home Office Consultation Paper. >> more
Brussels, January 16, 2003 - SchlumbergerSema provides the operating system and secure modules for national electronic identity cards, the first cards in Europe distributed to an entire population.... SchlumbergerSema, a business unit of Schlumberger Limited (NYSE : SLB), today announced its participation in the Belgian Personal Identity Card (BelPIC). >> more