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Our Credentials

Why SchlumbergerSema are the people to talk to about smart cards in entitlement

Our No.1 status
SchlumbergerSema is the leading supplier of microprocessor smart cards with over 20 years experience. We have sold more than 2.5 billion smart cards in over 100 countries. Last year SchlumbergerSema shipped 29% of the cards in the world supporting applications world wide, industry wide and community wide, amounting to some 198 million cards - the most by any company (Gartner Dataquest). The company issued the world’s first microprocessor-based smart card in 1981, has been named the number one microprocessor smart card provider, holding over 1,800 smart card patents (Gartner Dataquest). >> more

Experienced all-rounders
SchlumbergerSema’s smart card solutions embrace business and technical consulting, business modelling and risk management, training, programme management, systems integration and outsourcing to yield the fullest possible benefits throughout an entire client network. >> more
We have already delivered a full range of solutions to national and local governments and large corporation companies. >> more

We are pioneering futher technological development

SchlumbergerSema is continually breaking new ground in numerous key areas, in addition to our pioneering work in Java technology.

For example:

The SchlumbergerSema I-Citizen card. >> more
Software and middleware. >> more
The SchlumbergerSema Qianflex card. >> more