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Schlumberger and the Olympic Games

As the Worldwide Information Technology Partner and a Top Sponsor of the Olympic Games, Schlumberger was awarded the world's largest-ever IT contract for four games and eight years covering Salt Lake City in 2002; Athens in 2004; Turin in 2006; and Beijing in 2008. Our eight-year partnership with the Olympics, spanning four Games, sets a world record as the largest sports information technology contract ever awarded. We are thrilled to play such a significant role in shaping and delivering the technology that will support Olympic Games well into the future and delighted of having a satisfied customer. (Click here to download a 30" ~3MB video with Mr.Rogge's opinion about our performance during the Salt Lake City Games)

Since 1992, Schlumberger has been an integral part of the Olympic Movement through the expertise of SchlumbergerSema. Schlumberger acts as the Worldwide IT Partner providing overall IT strategy, project management, key software, information security and systems integration and is also a Top Sponsor of the Olympic Games. At the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Games, more than 300 Schlumberger people managed a vast IT system that relayed information in real time to the participants, audiences and media. The same team provided IT-enabled accreditations to the 89,000 athletes, officials, sponsors and media representatives to enable their safe and secure movement between the 78 events held across 10 sporting and 30 non-competition venues.

Schlumberger Worldwide IT Partner

Schlumberger is now ramping up for its role as the Worldwide IT Partner for the 2004 Summer Olympic Games. Find our latest news regarding planning and development of the technology program that will take place during the ATHENS 2004 Games.


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