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Future Olympic Games
Torino sports

The scope and role of Schlumberger at TORINO 2006 Olympic Winter Games is similar to that in Salt Lake City 2002. Even at this early date, planning has already begun, with the transfer of a core team of people who worked on the Salt Lake City games.

Events like the Olympics require years of careful advance planning. Preliminary activities have already started for the development of the Master Plan, which is closely coordinated with the Torino Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games  (TORINO 2006).

As in ATHENS 2004, a knowledge management approach is being taken that allows the lessons and best practices acquired in Salt Lake City 2002 to be effectively transferred to what will be a mostly new team of people. This process brings real benefit to the IOC and the Torino Organizing Committee as it decreases the 'learning curve' while allowing a new host group to leverage what was learned in the most recent Olympic Winter Games.

For more information about the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Torino (also known as Turin), visit the official web site.

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Beijing viewBEIJING 2008

The organizing committee for the Beijing Olympic Games, now known as BOCOG, has been officially formed and its core management team is in place. Though numbering only about fifty people today, BOCOG will grow rapidly into the thousands.

A Chinese delegation visited Schlumberger installations in Salt Lake City and were briefed on our approach and organization. BOCOG is keen to start early with their coordination and infrastructure development as their goal is to show to the world the new face of modern China.

Our on-site involvement is scheduled to start during 2003. More news will appear here as the project moves forward.

For more information about the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, visit the official web site.

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