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Ramping up for ATHENS 2004
Though the scope of our involvement is similar to that of the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Winter Games, the overall assignment for ATHENS 2004 is more than three times larger, due to the greatly increased number of events and participants planned for the Summer Olympic Games.

Latest Developments - The Integration Lab

“Schlumberger, the International Technology Sponsor for Information Technology issues, participated in the design and planning of the Laboratory. Furthermore, Schlumberger will be the basic user of the Laboratory during the course of the Games… We warmly thank the people of Schlumberger for their valuable assistance”
Mrs. Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki, President of the ATHENS 2004 Organising Committee

Athens(Nov 22, 2002) -- A team of 60 people from all over the world is now working in Athens on preparations for the 2004 Summer Olympic Games. Activities are focused in two key areas: the design and deployment of key systems to support the Games, notably the Games Management and Info Diffusion systems, and the preparations for Games operations. A first milestone was the recent commissioning of the ATHENS 2004 Integration Lab. This lab is the first of five key sites that will provide critical IT support for the Summer Games. The Technology Operations Center (TOC) will serve as the nerve center of the 2004 Games. A PC Factory will ensure that all equipment is properly configured and secured prior to placement at the venues. Finally, two redundant Data Centers will provide support for the mission-critical IT support systems for the Games.

Athens teamKnowledge management processes applied to the task of Games operations is helping the team achieve results faster by reducing the learning curve and providing access to the knowledge base created through our work at the Salt Lake City Games. This knowledge base will continue to be enhanced as the best practices and processes are captured during the course of preparations for ATHENS 2004 and for the 2006 Turin Olympic Games.

The newly-comissioned 2004 Integration Lab will be the used to integrate and test the Games’ IT infrastructure, information security systems and software applications, as well as train the staff of 350 IT professionals and 3,500 volunteers who will run the systems at nearly eighty competition and non-competition venues during the Games.

For more information about the Olympic Summer Games in Athens, visit the official web site.


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Our contribution is focused in three key areas:

  • Project management
  • Delivery, integration and management of critical applications
  • Managing IT operations during the Games