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In a short space of time, many organizations have realized the strategic business rewards of placing all or part of their IT function and Business Processes into the hands of a specialist Managed Services supplier. This allows them to concentrate on what they know best - their core business and how to maximize performance while minimizing costs. Managed Services has become central to the business strategy of many organizations and all too often defines how well a company can compete in the global market place. With over 30 years' experience SchlumbergerSema is at the forefront of Managed Services in the ever-changing world of technology, delivering business benefits to global customers in the key business sectors.


As a global outsourcing company providing expertise and services from over 4,000 locations across all sectors, SchlumbergerSema understands how to ensure organizations achieve the maximum benefit and value from Managed Services:

  • SchlumbergerSema provides safe, reliable solutions that suit, transform and add value through efficient use of technology to deliver tangible business benefits to its customers
  • We form partnerships that provide a logical way forward - working with you towards a shared vision and objective
  • SchlumbergerSema often shares commercial risk as well as rewards, delivering measurable cost reduction and improved efficiency and standards - the 2001 UK Computing Suppliers Survey placed SchlumbergerSema as the leading IT services company for commercial risk sharing
  • SchlumbergerSema people are rewarded for their innovation, motivation and dedication to customer service worldwide.
  • We apply our expertise in the delivery of Managed Services in local markets, providing the best of the organization anywhere it's needed… of page

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  • Access to the right skills
    • SchlumbergerSema has a global resource of over 30,000 staff
  • Unique market placement
    • The only IT services company that has global presence in the Oil & Gas sector
    • The largest bureau printing operations in Europe
    • Achieved best in class Network provision and management, including access to one of the largest VPN's in the world
  • Buying Power
    • Independent from Hardware, Software, Big5 consulting players
  • Customer security
    • Via SINET, INFOSEC and secure Smartcards
    • SchlumbergerSema has a proven track record of successful large and complex transitions
    • Award winning partnership approach (Link to Computing Suppliers Survey Page)
    • Ability to transform a customers business through the full portfolio of SchlumbergerSema solutionstop of page

woman holding large globeDelivery capability in Managed Services

  • An IT solution provider with a wide product portfolio, offering global and local presence from more than 4000 locations world-wide
  • A track record of award winning partnerships in both transition and optimization of enterprises' IT
  • Proven track record of reducing customers' costs through improved business processes and resource optimization
  • Over 30 years' experience of acting as trusted IT and managed service partner
  • SchlumbergerSema spans the value chain through operation, innovation and relationship management
  • Fulfilling key business process support services in tune with the customer
  • Flexible service value propositions applied to innovative relationship frameworkstop of page


It is all about trust - SchlumbergerSema has a reputation for considerable professional integrity, protecting the clients' interests in all interactions and safeguarding critical data and information. Trust is a core value of Schlumberger - for decades we have protected our clients' valuable information in the oilfield. Today, this same loyalty and dedication to protection of client information is a valued asset in all of our markets and interactions. We safeguard a client's information as if it was our of page