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Five Key Questions


Why do organizations today choose to outsource their information systems?

woman holding globeIn any economic climate, reducing the cost of IT processing is a key reason: the economies gained by centralizing systems and people are at the root of the continuing trend to outsource. Managed Services has enabled companies to recoup up to 30% of the cost of operating large computing environments, and it has given clients access to proven and flexible infrastructures. The decentralization of information systems, and resulting management complexities has made such professional partnerships even more attractive.

Today, information systems are strategic (but not usually core) for most organizations and competitive positions depend on the ability to meet the increasing demands of the end user and shareholder. Managed Services from SchlumbergerSema is now the most appropriate way of professionally servicing the multitude of skill and business requirements in today's business climate.

Global networks, advanced electronic commerce and customer care, package integration and the migration of existing systems and operations are just some of the wide range of skills which SchlumbergerSema can offer in a Managed Service environment.

With many smaller service providers, and applications service providers (ASP's) failing to perform during the past 12 months, service provider selection has as much to do with the viability of the provider as it does with the overall strength of the product offering.

SchlumbergerSema is now positioned, as one of the leading global Managed Services companies, to deliver true Managed Services' of page


Can SchlumbergerSema take over the running of whole business functions, not just the IT systems themselves?

cogsBusiness Processing Outsourcing (BPO) is based on the premise that there are many key company functions that are not core to the business itself. Companies are becoming increasingly interested inhanding over a complete aspect of their business - which usually includes associated IT systems, to a Managed Service company such as SchlumbergerSema. By pooling system integration, business consulting and traditional IT outsourcing SchlumbergerSema has the capability and experience to operate world class contracts, from Payroll and Financial Processing, through to the administration of complete back of page


How are performance and benefits measured in Managed Services?

computerFlexibility, responsiveness, and service quality are the most-often-quoted measures in an Managed Services partnership. The best measurements are always the ones that benefit both client and vendor. The emerging trend is to measure business value rather than IT availability. Innovative commercial models linked to performance benchmarks allow creativity with accountability; for example SchlumbergerSema would assist their customers to evaluate the hidden internal costs that remain inherent in any outsourcing agreement. For SchlumbergerSema, these criteria are measured and compared against service level agreements in the contract, giving clear and systematic ways to monitor performance, as well as identifying the actual benefits that have been of page


What are the key success factors in a Managed Services initiative?

shaking handsEvery contract or project has it's own characteristics, but there are some things which tend to create a climate for success. For instance, creating a strong program management structure is essential as it allows the contract to change in a controlled way. Our experience means we can develop an appropriate solution for managing the relationship with each of our customers based on a wealth of proven processes developed over the years.

Building a sense of commitment to the partnership is also key; this applies in cases where staff are part of a transfer process, or when simply a pro-active, can-do culture is established between customer and vendor contract managers.

In all cases the record of SchlumbergerSema for setting the ground rules during transition, enables a platform for future success, for staff and businesses of page


Is Managed Services from SchlumbergerSema a global service?

a global serviceYes, absolutely. One of the major strengths of SchlumbergerSema is a global service with a consistent quality of operation. Many corporations access the SchlumbergerSema international network of Data Centers and distributed centers of excellence. Managed Services is moving towards globalization of services and a utility approach to IT. Customer solutions need to be safe, reliable, secure and be easy to access. Location becomes less of an issue whilst speed of access to secure data comes to the fore.

SchlumbergerSema operates in over 140 countries across the globe, with over 32,000 staff, all linked by the second largest virtual private network. It is against this backdrop that Managed Services customers realise the benefits of economies of scale whilst enjoying top level reliability of of page