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EMV Migration

Are you sure that you will reap the full benefits of EMV migration - i.e. improved risk management and stronger differentiation?

Stock broker

As a broker, are you looking to use STP and stock market consolidation trends to maximize your attractiveness ?

new banking services

Are you competing against time and costs when introducing new banking services ?

man on world

As an insurance company, are you looking to expand your business in developing countries ?


Let SchlumbergerSema help you

SchlumbergerSema has an unparalleled track record implementing successful financial projects - from leveraging smart card technology for nationwide EMV migration plans to managing multiple delivery channels to designing payment systems. You can benefit from partnering with us by utilizing our technical knowledge including security, payment standards such as EMV, chip card design, card management and issuing systems, bank transaction processing and design of payment terminals.

If you decide to work with SchlumbergerSema, we will bring you our domain expertise and our global network of experts that understand the financial business and provide fully customized solutions with local customer support.

We would like to assist you with your IT business challenges, as we have already done with many other financial leaders. For example, 30 customers are using our trading management systems via a wide range of channels; we are processing 60% of shares traded on the French Euronext Bourse; more than 100 banks in Europe and Asia are using our payment solutions; and we are working with many large banks and banking associations to migrate to EMV.

So if you're looking for a business partner that can enable you to transform your business into a more secure, cost-efficient operation, please contact SchlumbergerSema Finance