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About Finance


SchlumbergerSema Finance

SchlumbergerSema - a world-leading financial services solutions provider


What We Do

SchlumbergerSema provides end-to-end, integrated solutions for financial services.
With 20 years' experience in the financial sector, SchlumbergerSema offers one of the strongest and most extensive portfolio of solutions for customers in the banking, insurance, payment and investment industries:

  • Payment systems
  • Financial multi-channel distribution systems
  • Securities management systems
  • High level consulting capabilities in Banking, Insurance and Cards
  • State-of-the-art systems integration
  • EMV migration, business opportunities and related managed services
  • Smart card-based solutions, including payment cards, POS terminals, processing, and e-commerce


Customers We Serve

  • Commercial banks, saving banks, investment banks
  • Brokers and stock brokers
  • Insurance companies
  • Card issuers
  • Retailers

Our customer base includes 30 online trading system management clients, 25 insurance companies across Spain,Italy and Brazil, more than 100 banks in Europe and Asia using payment solutions either in house or through managed services and five fast growing multi-channel banks in Europe using customized middleware solutions. SchlumbergerSema conducts large scale front office renovation projects such as the design, development and integration of 23,000 bank workstations with trouble-free transition from legacy systems and our technology is used to process 60% of shares traded on Paris Bourse. In addition, SchlumbergerSema helps large banks and banking associations to migrate to EMV bringing its end-to-end capability in the payment value chain.


Facts About Us

SchlumbergerSema offers you the advantages of:

  • Worldwide presence- with offices strategically located around the world
  • Ongoing innovation-reinvestment of 5 percent of revenues in research and development
  • Proven track record in financial sector - 400 customers worldwide
  • Domain expertise-we thoroughly understand your core business, which ensures that our products and services are tailored to meet your exact needs
  • Experience-20 years in the financial arena
  • Strategic partnerships with industry-leading solutions providers


How You Benefit From Working with a World Leader

Partner with SchlumbergerSema, and you benefit from the strength of:

  • A broad range of products and solutions customized to your requirements, and offered "a la carte", allowing incremental roll out
  • Our proven expertise and product-based offering, providing a low risk relationship
  • Existing relationships with 400 customers worldwide and numerous established partners
  • Local support and global expertise from our worldwide Finance Segment


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