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Business Continuity

people at workIn today's challenging business environment, interruptions are unpredictable and often costly occurrences - but ones that successful businesses must plan for. They can take many forms: fire, flood, power or technical failure, terrorist activity, and even human error are only some manifestations of disasters or business interruptions. Even under adverse circumstances, managers understand that business must be maintained, critical systems must be recoverable and work environments that form the basis of business-as-usual must be available.

SchlumbergerSema provides a range of services optimized for each business that ensures continued successful operation. These services include IT recovery for all mainframe and midrange equipment, business recovery centers which offer everything from a replacement PC to a replacement office block, and 'hot desk' systems that range from ones that provide simple office requirements to the most sophisticated dealing room recovery suites.

Our experienced consultants guide you through every step of the business continuity process and ensure that all parts of your business are protected against down time.

In the case of any business interruption, SchlumbergerSema provides the capability to ensure that your business can continue operations seamlessly and without interruption to customer service.